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X-Files Sounds ~THREE~.... <CENTER><FONT SIZE=7 COLOR=ORANGERED EFFECT=RELIEF><BLACKFACE><U>The Javascript BUG!!!<br>Please Reload Page<BR>Until These Words Are Gone!</U></bLACKFACE></FONT></CENTER>

"You know, for a holy man, you have quite a knack for pissing people off."

"Hopefully that'll give us a better idea of what we're dealing with, whatever it is."

"I'm Special Agent Mulder, I'm with the FBI."

"Mine stands as the only record."

"Scully, your not goin to believe this."

"Do you know what your saying Scully?"

"He's been injecting those kids with alien DNA"

"Thank you for sharing."

"Are you saying this building is haunted? Because if you are, I think you've been working with me for too long Scully."

"Kinda hard to tell the villians with out a score card."