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X-Files Sounds ~TWO~.... <CENTER><FONT SIZE=7 COLOR=ORANGERED EFFECT=RELIEF><BLACKFACE><U>The Javascript BUG!!!<br>Please Reload Page<BR>Until These Words Are Gone!</U></bLACKFACE></FONT></CENTER>

"Shut up Mulder!"

"You know, I never thought I would saying this to you scully, but you smell bad."

"How do you define normal?"

"Next time I'll wear my clown suit and do baloon tricks."

"Those are the most paranoid people I've ever met. I dont know how you could think that what they say is even remotely plausable." "I think its remotely plausable that someone would think your hot."

"Some of their ideas....are down right spoooky."

"They give bonafide paranoids, like myself, a bad name."

"Will you at least let me go with you?" "No" "Look I know what your thinking, but you have to get past that, we both do, I'm back and I'm not goin any where."

"Then who are the men in the funny suits?"

"Let's just forget for the moment that there's no scientific theory to support it." "Ok."